Dr. Jack Taylor Carved Ducks
Kansas City, Missouri

Dr. Jack Taylor Authentic Duck Wood Carvings

Artist: Dr. Jack E. Taylor began exploring wood carving while he was in High School. It was just an occasional hobby until after he retired from the practice of dentistry. He took up carving seriously in 2002 joining the Kansas City Woodcarvers Club, Inc. and started building an excellent reference library on Wildfowl. Jack has been an avid hunter and from his experiences has the appreciation for nature and enjoys the beauty of watching birds, expecially in flight, this is the basis of his desire to duplicate the subjects in wood. His last few years of actual hunting were done primarily with a camera, instead of the gun. There were new learning curves with painting, expecially acrylics since he had done oil painting as an additional side hobby in the past. The preference of wood used in these carvings range from tupelo to the hard woods. Each bird ranges from half to full size and special care and research is given to the authenticity of each bird.

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